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Muscle Truffles

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We’ve all made Protein Balls at home before, it goes a little something like this. You spend half an hour on Pinterest trying to find a good recipe and you find what looks like a mouth-watering recipe, jackpot! You head to the grocery store for ingredients and barely get change from a $50. You get home and spend half an hour weighing everything out all while making a mess of the kitchen you cleaned yesterday. You finish mixing and rolling so you head to the fridge to let them set. An hour or passes and you make your way back to the fridge to try out your new creations. You take your first bite and you are left feeling unsatisfied. They sure don’t taste as good as they look and you begin to wish you could get those wasted calories back. This is where we come in! Spending hours in the kitchen, on Pinterest and cleaning to make healthy treats is now a thing of the past. We have designed a collection of low calorie, refined sugar free, affordable, fuss and guilt free mixes to free up your time and make sure what you are eating is healthy and delicious every time. Did we mention take 5 minutes to make from start to finish?


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