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Med Pak


WHAT IS REDCON1 MED PAK? Redcon1 Med Pak is a comprehensive health supplement. This is NOT just another multi-vitamin product. Med Pak has been formulated to be a complete health solution. This is your insurance policy on a longer life. We all know we should take in a wide variety of nutrient sources to yield the various vitamins/minerals that our body requires on a daily basis. This however isn't very practical or feasible if you lead a busy lifestyle. Enter med Pak. Everything your body needs to stay healthy and support the hard work you're doing in the gym, outside of the gym. Each serve of this powerhouse health supplement contains a high dose of omega 3 oil powder. Rich in epa/dha these are the most essential fatty acids and play a vital role in hormone development, brain development and heart health. Omega 3 fatty acids are also natural anti-inflammatories to reduce joint pain and swelling. In addition to this you'll also find a high dose of milk thistle extract. Providing a wide range of health benefits milk thistle is best known for it's liver health properties. You liver is the most powerful organ in the body when it comes to filtering and processing hormones. This makes it vital when it comes to health & performance especially for health & fitness. Redcon1 haven't cut any corners on this one. Everything has been clinically dosed for maximum results and effectiveness. You get a full spectrum vitamin blend with a minimum 100% RDI dosages acoss the board including vitamin D3. I know everyone loves pre-workouts and products you can 'feel' working but the basics are the most important. Keep your vital organs in good health & your performance boosting supplements will be that much more effective. Some of the benefits include: Increased general health Heart health Liver protection Metabolic health Convenient AM/PM pack format Comprehensive health formula

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