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Intra Load


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Intra Load is the complete intra workout glycogen repair and growth agent

Intra-workout amino acids have become a staple for the serious athlete as they are vital for improving workout performance, stamina and muscle recovery. Our team at NPL set out to design an intra-workout based on the latest scientific research and testing by elite athletes to help you achieve a competitive edge in your sporting discipline.

As you train both aerobically and anaerobically, your muscles metabolize glycogen and amino acids to sustain your energy needs. During this process, your muscles also build up waste products, which cause fatigue. While doing intense training, micro tears develop in your muscle fibres and this process triggers the body to repair the fibres and to strengthen them.

BCAA’s and Glutamine are essential to this process and supplementing will speed up recovery,

which can take up to 7 days without adequate supplementation.


Vendor: NPL

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