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Clean Plant Protein Bar


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For those seeking vegan friendly, plant based snacks to compliment a healthy eating plan, Clean Bars are just the thing. Made with all natural, nutritionally dense ingredients like plant proteins, fruits, seeds & nuts, they deliver protein, antioxidants, fibre, good fats and are 100% vegan friendly. They taste devine.

These nourishing bars are a balanced, wholesome, easy on your tummy snack. They contain a blend of 3 vegan friendly plant proteins - soy, rice & pea. The fats are the good kind your body needs for energy, cell growth and to absorb some nutrients. There is also fibre for your digestive health, plus they are rich in antioxidants.

They are a convenient & nutritious snack you can grab & eat on the run. They help make life a little easier and they are real food. There's no chemicals, no flavours, no colours, no sweeteners. Just premium better-for-you ingredients that are kind to your body without sacrificing taste.

Nothing to hide, Simple. Clean. Wholesome. Enjoy!

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