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BSC Wholefood Greens - Vegan-Friendly Multi! Greens Whole Foods fresh from BSC is jam-packed with 78 different high nutrient super foods. The 78 super foods BSC have included in this product are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Not only this but Wholefood Greens is a vegan-friendly multi which provides a range of beneficial nutrients like prebiotics, probiotics and greens for an improved immune system and optimal health. Key Points: Gluten, Dairy & Peanut Free Vegan-Friendly Contains 78 Superfoods Improves Digestion High in Vitamins & Minerals Our thoughts:

High-quality greens formula from a reputable brand, designed to provide you with all the nutrients you may be missing or for those who simply like to “top up” on anything they might be slightly lacking in. This product contains all the good stuff you need and aids in improving all the keys elements of optimal health from digestion to your immune system.



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