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NPL Beta Alanine increases muscle endurance during workouts and improves recovery by reducing exercise soreness. Increase Muscle Endurance Most fitness athletes include training to failure for each set in their workout programs. Eight studies have shown beta alanine to increase the number of additional reps athletes could perform during sets. Beta alanine benefited short bursts of exercise within the 60 – 240 seconds range. Ideal for weight lifting. Reduced Fatigue Performance of gym sessions was improved by reducing fatigue. The combination of doing more reps per set and not getting tired as quick will give you a great boost in reaching your fitness goals. Improved Recovery Consistently training at your peak is vital to achieving fitness success but so proper recovery. Complete recovery ensures that your performance in the gym is consistent and that you don’t suffer from overtraining. Reduce Muscle Soreness Beta alanine is converted to carnosine which is stored in muscle cells. Carnosine is released in response to drops in ph which may be caused by exercise-induced lactic acid production (muscle soreness).


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