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10, October 2017


Sleepless nights don’t just ruin your mood the next day, they could also damage your waistline. When you get too little sleep your metabolism slows down to conserve energy. That slowdown triggers the release of extra stress hormone called cortisol which leads to extra weight gain.

The best way to avoid weight gain is to get more sleep witch is extremely difficult for those who are continuously changing from night shift to day shift, working long hours which is throwing your body out of routine.

The most popular ways to combat your lack of sleep is with a sleep formula, avoiding the use of your phone late at night and maintaining a routine as much as possible.

I personally used a technique were I closed one eye while on my phone in bed, hoping that due to one eye being closed it would promote tiredness (which in most cases it did).

Also avoid using a preworkout after 5pm, caffeine has a half life in the body around 6 hours, so maybe take it around 3/4pm instead so you have a buffer (You will still feel the effects in 2 hours).

As for a sleep formula we recommend is Delta Zone!
It is one that is safe to use at the mines and is made of specific plant extracts that act as relaxants and promote a deeper more restful sleep therefor minimising weight gain and lowering stress levels.

So if you struggle with sleep try Delta Zone! Click Here

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